NewsPics HD

Coming soon for all iOS 10 devices

About NewsPics HD

  1. Automatically fetches news in your favorite topics every 30 minutes.
  2. Displays a mosaic of today’s images while waiting for more news.
  3. Allows custom topics with controllable update frequency.
  4. Uses your current location to get local news.
  5. Prevents duplicate headlines.
  6. Hides headlines that contain words you mute.
  7. Finds headlines with a search page that can link to the original story.
  8. Counts the number of new headlines you can scan anytime you want.
  9. Works in all orientations on all devices with iOS 10 or greater.
  10. Powered by Google News.


  1. NewsPics HD is built to run all day to get the news you want when it happens.
  2. Tap the trashcan after reading the latest headlines to add them to the mosaic.
  3. The app automatically removes stories that are over 24 hours old.
  4. The x button lets you mute people/places/etc you want to ignore.
  5. The + button adds custom topics that interest you and are newsworthy.
  6. Change the refresh interval of topics based on your interest level.
  7. Get your local news by tapping “My Location” on the settings page.