NewsPics HD

AVAILABLE NOW for all iOS 10 devices

About NewsPics HD

  • Fetches RSS feeds in your favorite topics every 30 minutes.
  • Displays a mosaic of today’s pics while waiting for new content.
  • Allows custom topics with controllable update frequency.
  • Uses your current location to get your local news.
  • Skips duplicate headlines.
  • Hides headlines that contain words you mute.
  • Filters headlines by keywords so you can search downloaded feeds.
  • Counts the number of unread headlines that download while the app is running.
  • Works in all orientations on all devices with iOS 10 or greater.
  • All RSS feeds are powered by Google News.


  • NewsPics HD is built to run all day to get the news you want when it happens.
  • Tap the trashcan after reading the latest headlines to add them to the mosaic.
  • The app automatically removes stories that are over 24 hours old.
  • The x button lets you mute people/places/etc you want to ignore.
  • The + button adds custom topics that interest you and are newsworthy.
  • Change the refresh interval of topics based on your interest level.
  • Get your local news by tapping “My Location” on the settings page.

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